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DTA Entry: Laoire by Nyantawn DTA Entry: Laoire by Nyantawn
I couldn't resist entering the DTA for :iconkuro-creations: little Fruit bloom. I fell in love with him <3

This is my first DTA so I hope I do well~

Basic Information:

Name: Laoire
Nicknames:  Lao, Goldy.
Gender: Male
Race: Fruit Bloom, Pegasus
Current Residence: A small little farm that is on the outskirts of a larger town and at the bottom of the mountain. Some of his land is carved into the mountain.
Occupation: Farmer.
Hobbies: Taking care of his farm, Grooming his tail, Knitting, Researching growing habits of plants.
Talents/Skills: Growing Vegetation, Raising animals, Knitting.

First Memory: Laoire’s first memory is basking in the warm sun overlooking his fathers farm. He remembers the warm feeling it gave him to see all the work they put into it.
Most Important Childhood Event: His most important child hood event was when his father stopped helping him with things around the farm. He was given tasks to do on his own and to learn how to do things without the help of others. His father said that he was only to ask for his help when he absolutely needed it. At first he had been quite mad at this but over time he grew to find out that it was a very valuable lesson to do things on his own.
Why: He learned that day about the importance of doing things yourself and the satisfaction that comes from it. He knows he can rely on others around him when he needs help, his father made sure of this, but when something isn’t to big he can do it himself.

Back-story: Laoire was born to a small farming family and was raised like any other farm colt would be. His parents were very loving towards him and always catered to his needs when they could. Being farm ponies his family always struggled a bit to make ends meet during the winter seasons but usually found a way using their blooms to grow the fruit they relied on. Laoire was taught from a young age the importance of his tail and just what he was when he would ask questions about why the other ponies didn’t have a tail like his.  

When he came of age his father began to teach him how he could plant his fruits seedlings. He was taught the necessary skills to raise a farm of his own. His parents never pushed this upon him though, showing him different paths in life he could take but Laoire was always intrigued by the farm life.
As he grew older he began to enjoy being around the farm and taking care of the smaller animals as well as working on the land. It gave him a sense of accomplishment that no other job seemed to give him. His parents supported him with this making sure to give him all the necessary tools to grow up. He began to sell his own apples and other farm related goods.  

As the years went by Laoire saved up his money when he wasn’t helping out at home. He eventually gained enough money to buy a plot a little ways away from his parents. This was one of his biggest accomplishments, and wanting to prove to his parents that they had taught him well he wished them goodbye to live off the land he had purchased himself. He first started out with a small shack, living there with what little he had acquired over the years. The terrain had been rocky being close to the base of a mountain hadn’t been Laoire’s ideal land but something about the place had made him fall in love with it,
Over the next few years, Laoire spent most of him time plowing the lands and working his way through the winter and summer months. He didn’t have a lot of time for meeting other ponies but he would get his fair share of social time while he was out selling his fruits. He takes great pride in his golden apples he grows and for the first little while he was discouraged when he couldn’t make them grow as big as his fathers. He had become disheartened and almost moved back home when he met a little bird that he called Fallon. The little bird swooped along his land picking up the fallen seeds from his apples and planting them around. Often times it would end up as a snack but as Laoire looked around more he found that a lot of little animals were living off the land and what he offered.

With a new sense of resolve Laoire managed to carve a little area within the mountains and build a new home on his plot of land. His apple trees eventually bloomed into a small orchard that he takes great pride in. Since that day he has begun to expand giving homes to little lost animals or helping out the many forest creatures that wander onto his farm. He continues to plant and sell his fruit, his parents often visiting him and he, often visiting them to help them out with their daily tasks. Although he loves his little farm life he hopes someday he can start a family of his own and have a somepony to grow old with on his little orchard. He hopes to spend the rest of his life farming and looks forward to every day of it.

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 9’ hands
Fur Colour:  White
Marking Colours:  Blue and Light blue.
Eye Colour: Gold
Distinquishing Feature(s): Pierced ear (Which he got when he left home, as a constant reminder that he was away from home now and had to do things his own way) And a gold hooped bracelet his mother gave to him when he came of age.
Takes After: Father
Health: Good health

Personality Attributes/Attitudes:
Intelligence Level: Average
Long Term Goal: To have a successful farm to give to his future family.
Short Term Goal: To have a family.
Secret Desire: To visit a big town and see what it’s like living a “city” life.
Confidence: Varies, depending on the time of year and how things are going around his farm.
Patience Level:  Very high
Most at ease when:  He is plowing his lands.
Most ill at ease when: He runs into a snag with his crops.
Strengths: Farming, Haying, Learns quickly,
Flaws: A little rough on the social aspects, can get easily discouraged at times.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert, he loves to talk to people but doesn’t seem to have a filter when it comes to other ponies.
Greatest Fear: Losing his farm to a fire.

Likes: Rain, Sunshine, Little animals, Milk, Apples, Farming, Fallon
Dislikes: Fire, Dry season,
Food/Drinks: Apples (He has an abundance of them), Milk, Apple pie.
Book(s): He usually only reads farming books but has been known to crack a novel.
Simple Pleasure: Grooming his tail.
Greature Pleasure: His farm.
Favorite place to relax: He likes to lay on a piece of rock he carved from the mountain and stare at the sky.

Relationship Skills: Average
Marital Status: Single
Best Friends: Fallon
Mentor: His Father
Perfect Partner: Another fruit bloom who shares his love for farming.
Is he judgemental: No, he is usually open to anyone and everyone around him.

How is he perceived by:
Strangers: Hardworking.
Friends: Quirky
Coworkers/Colleagues: (He works by himself) Other Farmers and people who sell at the market see him as cheerful.  
Lovers: N/A

Describe their sense of trust: He trusts many and will usually give everyone one chance, if they mess up he usually gives them a second chance but he knows when to cut someone loose.
What type of individuals does he like or associate with: He likes to associate with other hard working ponies.
What type of individuals doesn't he like or associate with: Ponies who are lazy.
How do they treat members of the opposite sex: He treats them with the same respect he treats everyone else and is a bit awkward around them.
How do they treat members of the same sex: Same as the opposite sex but is known to crack more jokes.

- He takes great pride not having to rely on his parents from a young age, he lets it get to his head a bit and makes it a bit of a starting conversation.
-He enjoys listening to nature.
-Trying new things when farming is somewhat of thrill to him.
-He enjoys testing his knowledge with farming with other ponies.
-He admires Earth ponies and there size but doesn’t let it discourage him with what he loves.
-He wants to have many children to raise on his farm.
-He takes in many birds, such as Fallon.
-Fallon is a Grey jay.

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, is what my father told me. If I really look into it though I think that golden apples should keep them away for months!”
“Fallon, I appreciate you picking the seeds from my tail but don’t pick the ones I put there”
“I love all types of animals, especially the ones who wander here from far away. It’s always better to do things with friends”
“Doing things on your own brings you a sense of accomplishment not much else can”

You can find the DTA over here, Feel free to enter~:
Fruit Bloom DTA: [OPEN] - [EXTRAS ADDED!!] by Kuro-Creations

Fruit blooms and Design belongs to (c) :iconkuro-creations:
Art belongs to (c) :iconnyantawn:
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